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SNA Contracting offers the following services as a solution to the demand of the industry.

Construction Management

Projects are built by people not by businesses. We esteem ourselves on the caliber of the persons who make up SNA Contracting. Our professional team of construction managers bring decades of experience to each and every project. We provide services including but not limited to: estimating, consulting, inspections, change orders, subcontracts, budgeting, scheduling.

Concrete / Civil Construction

Our company began in the arena of civil construction. As concrete specialists, SNA Contracting has expertise in soil and site preparation as well as reinforcing steel and formwork. Heavy equipment and earthwork are also who we are. Our concrete production ranges from building foundations to stamped and decorative finishes.


SNA Contracting offers complete turn-key services for our customers. From the conceptual design to the ribbon cutting, we guarantee quality construction services at every level of the project.

Engineering. Design. Site Layout. Construction Drawings.